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7 and a half minutes of 23 pure filthy jokes. Obviously I don't own the rights to these clips, if the YouTube police are reading this, there's absolutely no ...

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Check out my channel for many more comedy videos.

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A Clip From Jimmy Carrs Telling Jokes.

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All the clips are already on YouTube, so YT Police, there's no point in deleting this video. The fourth part of the series. The featured comedians are: 0:12 ...

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Before I was a pirate, I was an Arrggitect! JASH and Captain Morgan have teamed up together to support comedy and make new, awesome, weekly videos. All this great content will live on the Captain...

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They're not actually terrible, most of them are actually pretty dang funny. Thanks to all the people who suggested jokes via Twitter (THERE WERE A LOT OF YOU...

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Listen Gujarati Comedy Jokes By Sairam Dave From Album Hasyani Tasal. Album : Hasyani Tasal. Singer : Sairam Dave Music Label : D S Digital Entertainment 21 ...

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Duration: 42:43 #FreeDownLoad Stoner Tube Co Founder STANDOUT NOV "APOLLO 100" @StandO...

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Buddy Hackett interview with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, part 2. Buddy Hackett tells jokes about divorce, naked baths in Tokyo,...

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You'll catch a glimpse of my sincere laugh at the end of this one. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: h...

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